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Groups and Ensembles
Groups and Ensembles classes

Groups and Ensembles help students of all ages and experience levels to further hone their musical craft. You’ll be matched with like-minded musicians to form a unique ensemble. Directed by one of our wonderful teachers, each group learns teamwork and new skills while playing together. Students are provided with performance opportunities and competitions, helping to harness that stage fright energy and put it to good use!

*Groups are one hour weekly and cost $64 or $72 per month, per student, unless otherwise noted.

Examples of Groups Offered:

Ensembles (classical, jazz, or popular styles)
Strings, woodwinds, brass, and blended ensembles
Duos, trios, quartets, and more
Chamber Groups
Garage Bands (Springfield)
Suzuki Group Offerings (Simsbury)

Group Interest Form:

Fill out the information below and someone will be in touch about joining a group!

open house

jennifer brevik
Jennifer Brevik

Director of Education
Falcetti School of Music

To Contact Jennifer: ( Read My Bio )
  860-932-2424 or 413-374-7458 ( text also )

Nia Stimage-Norwood

Education Administrator
Springfield MA

To Contact Nia:
  413-543-1002 Ext 323