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Mixed Ensembles

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Mixed Ensembles

Ensembles are formed based on student interest, ability, and age. From trios to larger ensembles, students are paired with like-minded musicians to form a unique musical experience. Directed by one of our skilled teachers, each group learns songs chosen for their specific musical interests, abilities, and areas for growth.

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Our program focuses on:

Curated especially for each student, mixed ensembles are formed so groups of students can perform classical pieces or arrangements of other musical styles together. An ensemble might look like a trio, quartet, or larger group of kindred musicians- each ensemble is a unique collaboration. Students are matched by skill level with age taken into consideration. 

Some examples of mixed ensembles could include:
• Piano, Violin, and Flute
• A Capella Group
• Voices and Piano
• Jazz Band (ex. Piano, Saxophone, Voice)
• Woodwind Ensemble
• String Trio or Quartet
• ...and more based off of student interest

Our mixed ensembles provide a platform for students to coalesce, fostering collaboration that builds confidence and hones the balance of cooperation and leadership. Guided by an experienced instructor, students embark on a musical journey where preparation outside of the session is key for success. This dedication ensures focused musical growth and exploration during our engaging weekly sessions.

Admission - Rolling
Billing - Monthly
Session Length - 50 minutes
Sibling Discount - $2 off each class
Cost: $16-$21 per session  

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What Students Say...

She got to actually work with a group in a band. [This] taught her a lot about give-and-take and supporting other people. She gets a lot out of this from a social aspect.
- Marie Boesch, parent

He started playing music right away... and reading music from a very young age. If your child has any interest in music, this is a great way to cultivate that love of music.
- Julie Sandler, parent

He was playing that little guitar after just one class. Watching him on stage performing with his band was amazing. One of the best decisions we ever made!
- Marissa Rosen, parent


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