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Imagine the joy on your 5-8 year old child's face as they embark on a musical journey filled with discovery, teamwork, and self-expression. At Falcetti School of Music, our teachers understand the profound impact that music has on a child's development, and we're dedicated to creating an experience that goes beyond melodies and beats.


Enrich your child's life with the transformative power of Build-a-Band, where every beat, every chord, and every smile contribute to a journey of musical self-discovery, teamwork, all while having fun. Sign up today, and watch as your child's love for music flourishes in ways that will echo through their entire life!

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Our program focuses on:

- Musical Skills like rhythm, learning the components of a song, melody and harmony, playing and understanding a variety of instruments, and being exposed to multiple musical styles.
- Social/Emotional Development: Kids learn to get along with other band members, and learn how to shine and when to share the spotlight with others building on Teamwork, Self-Esteem and Self-Expression.

In this captivating class, we delve into the heart of rhythm and counting, nurturing the innate musicality within your child. From the very first note, this small group will be guided through musical skills like pitch and melody, building a foundation that will resonate throughout their lives. But Build-a-Band is more than just music—it's a transformative experience that fosters teamwork and self-esteem.

Picture your child thriving in an environment with a balanced approach to collaboration and self-expression. This program developed out of the growing need to support children’s social and musical development, with curriculum carefully crafted by early childhood education specialists.

Focused on instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, and singing, "Build-a-Band" provides a musical playground for your child to explore. This exposure enables your child to explore different genres, nurturing a love for music to establish and support their own unique tastes. As they progress through the program, the benefits extend far beyond the classroom, laying the groundwork for individual lessons, advanced ensembles catered to your student’s development and musical interests, and the opportunity to represent Falcetti School of Music in performance groups within the community!

Admission - 12 Week Semester
Billing - Monthly
Session Length - 50 minutes
Sibling Discount - $10 off each month

Pricing, Schedules & Signup Form:

What Students Say...

She got to actually work with a group in a band. [This] taught her a lot about give-and-take and supporting other people. She gets a lot out of Kidzrock from a social aspect.
- Marie Boesch, parent

He started playing music right away... and reading music from a very young age. If your child has any interest in music, this is a great way to cultivate that love of music.
- Julie Sandler, parent

He was playing that little guitar after just one class. Watching him on stage performing with his band was amazing. One of the best decisions we ever made!
- Marissa Rosen, parent


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  Jennifer Brevik

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Falcetti School of Music

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  Nia Stimage-Norwood

Education Administrator
Springfield MA

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  Brodie Tirone

Education Administrator
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