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Virgiree Knox-Pettaway

Virgiree Knox-Pettaway

Pronouns: she/her

Teaches: Harp
Styles: Classical and Jazz
Specializes In: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Virgiree Knox-Pettaway - BIO

Virgiree Knox-Pettaway is a professional harpist who is sought after for her soothing music. Awarded by Congress for her humanitarian efforts, Virgiree extends her time in children’s hospitals, maternity care, elder care and providing music therapy for individuals with special needs. Often her music is heard in celebrations as well as weddings and life transitions of repose. Nationally and abroad, she is known for her expressionism, spoken word, and inspirational music.

I teach delayed music reading tailored to my students so that
they first can learn expression through grammar of music

My Approach to Teaching

My approach to teaching is a combination of solfege and classical with delayed music reading tailored to my students so that they first can learn expression through grammar of music. I consider the intermediate student to be more at the dialectic stage and the advanced student to be of the rhetorical stage. This approach to teaching and learning has proven to help my students in the areas of listening, repetition and expression.

What Students Say...

Customer service is extremely friendly and accommodating. Instructor is patient and amazing at what she does. I would recommend Falcetti Music - Kyle

The people at Falcetti Music are awesome. 4 of our children go here and their teachers are all amazing, the kids love them and they’re enjoying their lessons - Malin

Great music environment! Plenty of private lesson rooms and lots of different teachers to help you learn to play your instrument. Highly recommended! - Bill


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