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Lucy Portnov

Lucy Portnov piano teacher
*Please note, Lucy has limited availability and is currently not accepting new students.

Lucy Portnov

Pronouns: she/her
Billingual: Speaks English & Russian   lessons@falcettimusic.com

Teaches: Piano
Styles: Classical & Pop
Specializes In: Advanced Instructor

Lucy Portnov - BIO

Lucy began playing piano at age 3 and has never stopped. She has been a professional instructor at Falcetti Music since 1992. Having graduated from a music school for gifted children, Lucy completed a Bachelor's degree in piano teaching/accompaniment, and Master's degree in piano teaching. She then taught at a school for musically gifted children, as well as in the piano department of a pedagogical institute. Lucy taught in a Glinka's Musical College and Conservatory of Music. She has also been involved in making classical music radio and television programs.

I hope for my students to understand how much the music skills
they develop will help them for the rest of their lives

My Approach to Teaching

A good pianist will make audiences tap their feet, dance in their seats, and carry their imaginations to a different place through a musical story. I try to inspire my students to find and hone this creative ability inside of them. I am involved with many concerts and program recitals with my students. I hope for my students to understand how much the music skills they develop will help them for the rest of their lives.

What Students Say...

Customer service is extremely friendly and accommodating. Instructor is patient and amazing at what she does. I would recommend Falcetti Music - Kyle

The people at Falcetti Music are awesome. 4 of our children go here and their teachers are all amazing, the kids love them and they’re enjoying their lessons - Malin

Great music environment! Plenty of private lesson rooms and lots of different teachers to help you learn to play your instrument. Highly recommended! - Bill


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