angie thoelen music teacher

Lucy Portnov


Teaches:  Piano
Styles:  Classical& Pop
Specializes in:  Advanced Instructor

To Contact Lucy:

  413.543.1002 - Ext 349

Musical Achievements:

Lucy began playing piano at age 3 and has never stopped. She has been a professional instructor at Falcetti Music since 1992. Having graduated from a music school for gifted children, Lucy completed a Bachelor's degree in piano teaching/accompaniment, and Master's degree in piano teaching. She then taught at a school for musically gifted children, as well as in the piano department of a pedagogical institute. Lucy taught in a Glinka's Musical College and Conservatory of Music. She has also been involved in making classical music radio and television programs.

Approach to Teaching:

A good pianist will make audiences tap their feet, dance in their seats, and carry their imaginations to a different place through a musical story. I try to inspire my students to find and hone this creative ability inside of them. I am involved with many concerts and program recitals with my students. I hope for my students to understand how much the music skills they develop will help them for the rest of their lives.

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