The New England Roland
DIGITAL V-Accordion Orchestra

Conducted by Sam Falcetti

Throughout centuries many types of Orchestras and Bands have had their own identity.

From the Symphony, Woodwind and String Orchestras to the Swing, Marching and Ethnic Bands representing different countries, each served a purpose in musical evolution. Even the 30’s and 40’s had their Banjo, Hawaiian Guitar, and Accordion Bands and Orchestras prominent throughout the United States. Never has there been an Orchestra that could do it all until now. In 2004 Roland Music’s Founder Ikutaro Kakehashi, the creator and designer of the Roland V Accordion, made this a possibility.

After adjudicating in October of 2011 at Roland’s 5th International V Accordion Festival in Rome, Italy, Sam Falcetti was convinced that this incredible instrument was perfect for creating a Digital Accordion Orchestra. Roland USA is happy to announce the forming of this 1st United States Digital Accordion Orchestra with over 20 Roland Digital Accordion performers from throughout New England. The Orchestra was organized and is conducted by Mr. Falcetti, and is also complimented by drums, percussion, guitar and vocalists. On January 20, 2013, the Orchestra’s first rehearsal was held in the performance hall at Falcetti Music in Springfield, Ma. This orchestra is a dream come true for Sam Falcetti and it is the only Digital Accordion Orchestra in the US.

The distinct makeup and sound of the New England Digital Accordion Orchestra has jumped the Atlantic, with a spread featuring founder and director Sam Falcetti of Springfield Mass., and his regional players in the German accordionists’ magazine “Akkordeon”. In the email interview, Falcetti said the Roland V does more than imitate the sounds of other instruments to provide an enhanced “orchestra in a box”. It has perfected the nuance a seasoned player would bring to each instrument, from varying the tension on a violin bow to the way a trumpeter adjusts lip movement, adding each element with ease. Along with the range of accordion sounds, “violin, wind, or other instrumentation can be added, or if you need a banjo for country music you can have it at the push of a button.”

For more information about the orchestra contact:
Or call 413.204.5522

New England Digital Accordion Orchestra Summer Concerts

The Orchestra is comprised of accordion hobbyists and a few semi-pro players from CT, MA, NH, RI & is the nation’s only Digital Accordion Orchestra. They will be playing many genres of music including Big Band, Broadway, Ethnic, Country and Rock.

Throughout centuries many types of orchestras and bands had their own identity from the symphony, woodwind and string orchestras, to the swing, marching & ethnic bands from different countries. Each served a purpose in musical evolution but there has never been an orchestra that could do it all until now. You will hear horn & wind sections, strings, guitars, and of course the accordion in beautifully orchestrated arrangements including Frank Sinatra arrangements and vocal styling by Eddie Young. The Orchestra’s unique sound is history in the making. It’s the only Digital Accordion Orchestra in the United States.

Mr. Falcetti is thrilled to be returning to the West Springfield, Ma 54th Summer Concert Series, where he last conducted groups in the 70’s & 80’s. He is also excited about performing at the 32nd annual Rotary Summer Concert Series in East Longmeadow, Ma.